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Dunn Finding Aid

An article in the Winter 1967 issue of Evergreen Review, owned by Hofstra Special Collections

Dunn Finding Aid


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A book of poetry fragments with a minute to minute timeline of the 9/11 events published and edited by Sara Parkel of Filter Press. Writings by Esther Smith, Marshall Weber, Peter Spagnuolo, Amy Ferrara, Shane Beversdorf, Sara Parkel, child at…

"Little Good Song" from Here and Now Manuscript 

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The poem "Power" by Stephen Dunn, as it appears in the 1998 edition of Loosestrife (originally published in 1996 by W.W. Norton & Company).

A draft version of "Power," which would later be published in Stephen Dunn's collection, Different Hours

Satyr 1.pdf
Transcription of one of the most famous poems by John Wilmont, Earl of Rochester

Detail from "Power" manuscript Draft, Stephen Dunn Collection, Hofstra Special Collections, Hofstra University, Box 12, Folder 5.
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