Dunn as Cultural Critic part 2

poems transcribed from Stephen Dunn's Here and Now manuscript in Hofstra Special Collections, Dunn Archive, Box 11

It was such an exciting privilege to have access to Dunn's manuscripts in Hofstra's Special Collections Library.  There, we were able to read through Dunn's different versions of his manuscripts. In Here and Now it became apparent that culture, society, and the moment we live in greatly interests Dunn. We observed the theme of cultural criticism or commentary within his poems.  Dunn plays with societal ideals like marriage, social hierarchy, class, politics and more.  Dunn is known for his observations and thoughts on everyday life and it is only fitting that he comments on and critiques these parts of the human experience. 

"The Imagined" comments on marriage
"Little Good Song" comments on wealth and class
"The Melancholy of Extraterrestrials" comments on American life
"Evenings Like This" comments on politics, relationships, human discourse, politness

Hofstra Special Collections
Dunn as Cultural Critic part 2