Big Books, Little Books

Biblia, dat is, De gantsche H. Schrifture, 1730

Dutch Bible (1730) Special Collections Call No. BS224 1730 

Hofstra's Special Collections library owns some big books, like the 1730 Dutch Bible pictured to the right.

It's bound in boards and has a leather cover that holds in the book's contents securely with brass corners and the large clasps you see pictured.

Inside, it contains three volumes, including 5 folded maps. The first edition of this particular Bible was published in Amsterdam in 1657.


Hofstra's Special Collections also owns many minature books, including minature books that contain poetry such as Heinrich Heine's Buch de Lieder (Book of Songs), pictured below.

This extremely popular book of German verse was first published in 1827. Hofstra's copy dates from 1907. It is a mere 55 millimeters yet contains 448 pages!

You can find the verses in the book translated into English here.

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Big Books, Little Books